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Neil deGrasse Tyson embarks on mission to make America smart again

Screenshot: The Late Show/YouTube

It’s been a couple of days since President-Elect Donald Trump became a thing, but if you haven’t quite recovered from the disappointment, that’s totally okay. If you’re looking for pop culture that replenishes your faith in humanity, you can check out The A.V. Club’s picks. Then let Neil deGrasse Tyson reassure you that all is definitely not lost.

The astrophysicist, science ambassador, and StarTalk host dropped by The Late Show less than 24 hours after Trump’s victory to allay any fears that having a climate-change denier in the highest office in the land will undo the Enlightenment or something. deGrasse Tyson makes his four-year mission clear: He’s going to make America “smart” again. Sure, it’s potentially the kind of “smug liberal” talk that enrages the alt-right, but more than anything, it’s a heartening response to anti-intellectualism from a black man at the top of his field. So watch the clip and let NdGT blow your mind—that is, if you haven’t lost it yet.


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