Neil Blomkamp continues to parcel out the information regarding his upcoming Elysium, but Deadline managed to wring some more details out of the project (which Blomkamp is still pitching to the studios). As mentioned before, it will have a “social allegory” similar to District 9, and it will be an “unabashedly big” film, one set 100 years into the future, with all of the “obligatory gadgets and technological advances” that implies. With that said, there's no one better to design Elysium’s sets than Syd Mead, the “visual futurist” famous for his work on movies like Blade Runner, 2010, Aliens, and Tron—and also for being famously hard to get, with only Mission To Mars and Mission Impossible III to his credit in the last decade. That Mead has signed on—solely because he enjoyed District 9—is quite a coup for Blomkamp, and one that promises Elysium, if nothing else, will look really, really cool.