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Nearly half of the stuff on your DVR never gets watched, according to study on how you should watch more TV

In news that should come as no surprise to everyone who still has half a season of The Americans just sitting there, wondering what your problem is, a new study confirms that around 41 percent of all DVRed content is never watched. Variety quotes a survey by Motorola Mobility in which some 72 percent of respondents admitted to being TV “hoarders,” collecting programming to fill up their boxes and presumably use at some later date. However, nearly half the time those shows just end up in a dusty pile, until the user finally just deletes them and discovers a desiccated cat skeleton hiding behind that stack of The Following.

But aside from confirming there are others like you out there, and that maybe you should have your own reality show you can record but never get around to looking at, this study is considered significant since networks are increasingly looking to have DVR numbers factored into ratings. It also confirms the obvious in noting that more DVR users would actually watch their recorded programs if they could be more easily transferred to mobile devices. In the meantime they’ll just wait there, neglected, while you “experience life” or whatever.


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