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Ne-Hi (Photo: Bryan Allen Lamb)

Chicago’s NE-HI is one of many young rock bands to have risen up over the past few years, and while it doesn’t neatly fit into a specific scene, the band’s jangled Brit-pop influence buoys its subtle post-punk flairs. The A.V. Club is premiering “Sisters” from the band’s forthcoming album Offers, out February 24 on Grand Jury. At its core “Sisters” is a pile-up of bubbly hooks, sounding like the kind of effervescent summer song that, even if it’s out of season, is always welcome. It’s a tightly constructed song that shows Ne-HI’s attention to detail, as the band scrapped its initial recordings for its second album in order to put a finer point on each of its songs. As “Sisters” shows, it was time well spent. Of the song Michael Wells said:

“Sisters” is about feeling lost as a young person and feeling your family around you recognizing that you’re not totally sure what’s going on. Being the youngest and only boy raised in a house of women gave me a particular perspective on stumbling my way into adulthood and that’s what the song tries to convey.

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