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Today may the arrival of a rather embattled Grammy Awards but for NCTzens, it is NCT 127 Day. How does one celebrate? Well, there are options. You can stream “Superhuman” until you believe you can actually fly, maybe check out one of their dance practices and ultimately decide that peak fitness is overrated, or you can just play their first concept album Regular-Irregular, which is honestly a good idea any day of the week. The South Korean pop band chose to celebrate a different way: with the announcement of a brand new album and a warm reunion.

This morning, NCT 127 dropped a surprise tune called “Dreams Come True,” an easygoing R&B track that will likely appear on their upcoming second LP. The video announcement is a simple, hazily filtered treat for fans who have been waiting for new music since last year’s “Highway To Heaven,” and while it contains few frills (that is, if you don’t count the throwback side-to-side choreography as a frill, which you should), it did include the major announcement of NEO ZONE, which will be released March 6. It also featured the triumphant return of Jungwoo Kim, who went on hiatus last August due to undisclosed health concerns.


While you wait for the arrival of new music and a seemingly rejuvenated Jungwoo, you can check out the announcement below, and then maybe give last year’s We Are Superhuman a listen, which we dubbed one of our favorite EPs of the first half of 2019.

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