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As reported last November in the powerful series of initials that is the code of all English language, CBS will give NCIS a second spinoff, ensuring the Naval Criminal Investigative Service will see that no span of American land shall ever fall prey to rogue boats. While initially announced without a subtitled geographical location—leaving the criminal underworld of thieving schooners and rape-yachts lying low, uncertain that anywhere was safe to practice their nautical atrocities—the network has now confirmed that it will be set in New Orleans.

Like the previous spinoff, NCIS: Los Angeles, NCIS: New Orleans will be spun off in an upcoming two-part episode of NCIS, which was itself spun off of JAG, which was spun off of the belief in a strong America protected by our men and women in uniform speaking sternly to each other. As Variety notes, New Orleans is an ideal setting, seeing as “the city, with its debauchery and party scene, is a magnet for military personnel on leave and the trouble that comes with all the off-duty fun,” as well as a harbor for dangerous boats whose sexy, exciting adventures against this colorful backdrop you can’t wait to hear about.

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