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NBC's Up All Night, now with more Maya Rudolph

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More NBC scuttlebutt from the NBC butt-scuttling session at TCA: The fall’s promising sitcom Up All Night, which stars Christina Applegate and Will Arnett as two new parents forced to trade their former partying ways for dreadful baby stuff, now boasts an expanded role for Maya Rudolph, because Bridesmaids. Originally Rudolph had a supporting, yet somewhat reduced position as Applegate’s best friend and boss at a PR firm—a part that promised plenty of sassy one-liners, but not much else. But according to network chief Bob Greenblatt, the series is now being retooled and the pilot re-shot to make Rudolph the host of her own talk show (with Applegate serving as her producer), thus generally increasing Rudolph’s importance to the plot. And in addition to this new role being reminiscent of Rudolph’s popular Oprah impression on Saturday Night Live, there’s the added marketing bonus of Bridesmaids Bridesmaids Bridesmaids. Given Rudolph’s incipient takeover of the show, we’d be worried if we were that baby.


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