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According to Deadline, writer Paula Yoo (from Supergirl and The Perfectionists), producer Neil Meron, and choreographer Kyle Hanagami (he has a big online presence and worked with BTS) are working together on Olympic Boulevard, an “hourlong musical drama” about the world of K-pop—or at least the world of performing K-pop in the United States. The show is going to Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streaming platform, which is supposed to launch in April and may or may not be free with commercials (that will at least set it apart from HBO Max, Disney+, and… maybe a third new one we’re blanking on. Quibi? Is that anything? No, it can’t be.)


Olympic Boulevard will be about a “disgraced Korean American former K-pop star” who gets a chance to teach at a “K-pop training school” in America. We have some questions about that, like “What is a K-pop training school?” and “Why is there a K-pop training school in America?” but we’ll save those for when Olympic Boulevard actually comes out. Seriously, though, who is opening a school for K-pop in America and not, you know, Korea? Is it because there are lots of K-pop schools in Korea and so you have to build one in America if you want it to stand out? In an alternate universe, is there a version of this show where someone establishes a school for classic American country music in Busan?

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