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NBC's Revolution confirms Bret Michaels will still be singing Poison songs after the apocalypse

Suggesting that Rock Of Love was somehow not already the apocalypse, NBC’s Revolution has booked Bret Michaels to star as “a post-apocalyptic version of himself,” according to Entertainment Weekly. It’s unknown as yet which Revolution character will stumble across Post-Apocalyptic Bret Michaels in the wilderness, standing guard outside a camp made entirely of bandanas, crafting his own insulin by squeezing hummingbirds, and still always looking for that one special girl who can hang with his rockin’ lifestyle of barely surviving. But it is known that he’ll be playing a necessarily acoustic version of Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”—because Bret Michaels playing that song is definitely the one thing guaranteed to outlast the end of the world.


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