Other than the Frederick’s Of Hollywood costume that accounts for at least one-third of her crime-fighting ensemble, much of the preemptive criticism of David E. Kelley’s upcoming Wonder Woman reboot has been based on an early peek at the script, which essentially recast the Amazon princess as a sort of super-powered Bridget Jones whose yen for fighting evil is matched only by her love of Katy Perry-soundtracked pajama parties. But of course, there have been several rewrites since then (and lots and lots of Internet complaining), and now io9 has gotten hold of the new draft that’s being used for casting purposes—and while there’s no word on whether those character traits have been scrubbed completely, at least now we know that Wonder Woman doesn’t spend all of her time singing sadly into her hairbrush or drowning her sorrows in ice-cream binges.

Nope, she also apparently picks up dudes by their throats (at least two of them!), jabs another in the eye with her thumb, and even kicks people into the air, so she’s also a scrapper, albeit one who always politely asks men to unhand her first. The new script also reportedly fleshes out certain problematic areas regarding the origins of her affection for Steve Trevor, including a flashback sequence where she pulls him out of a burning airplane, despite being told that it’s too dangerous, because that’s just the kind of ballsy gal she is. Again, none of this necessarily negates the stuff we learned about earlier—nor does it completely erase the aura of “Bionic Woman redux” orbiting this project—but at least we know that Wonder Woman’s single-girl blues will be abated somewhat by lots of eye-poking and throat-grabbing.