Having already achieved the crucial step of not casting Keanu Reeves, NBC’s Constantine has moved on to the equally important matter of casting people besides Keanu Reeves in its TV pilot of the popular DC comic. Welsh actor Matt Ryan, seen above, has been given the title role of John Constantine, bringing his police skills—from his role on Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior—as well as his being-from-the-United Kingdom skills to the part of the scruffy Londoner paranormal detective. A bottle of peroxide will supply Ryan’s being blonde skills.

Now the show has cast three other people with experience among supernatural what-have-you: Lucy Griffiths, Charles Halford, and Harold Perrineau. Griffiths, most recently seen adding a layer of incest to the otherwise-provincial vampire schtupping on True Blood, will play “Liv,” the daughter of a late friend who teams up with Constantine in the battle between good and evil. Charles Halford, who plays True Detective’s meth-monster Reggie Ledoux, will be Chas, Constantine’s oldest pal—a part played in the Constantine film by Shia LaBeouf, in just one of that movie’s many outrages. And finally, Harold Perrineau will play Manny, Constantine’s guardian angel who has the power to possess people, particularly with the urge to make Lost jokes about his obviously being dead.