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NBC yanks donkey semen out of Fear Factor

The line separating the sort of gross-out stunt typical of NBC’s Fear Factor and an extreme violation of broadcast and human decency has at last been drawn, and that line has been drawn with donkey semen. TMZ first revealed last week that an upcoming episode would force its contestants to drink an unspecified amount of donkey semen—“Let’s just say it’s an ass-load,” host Joe Rogan could have said, if only he took our calls—all in return for $50,000, or enough money to buy a new car with tinted windows, so no one will see you on the street and yell, “Hey, it’s that guy who drank donkey semen!”  But after the subsequent uproar and a screening for NBC president Bob Greenblatt (whose screenings in general we imagine as being a lot like George C. Scott in Hardcore), the network today opted to pull the episode and replace it with a repeat in which contestants put maggots in their ears or gobble horse cock, or something normal like that. Meanwhile, the contestants who already drank the donkey semen don’t get to be on television, but at least they’ll always have the memories.

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