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NBC won’t be renewing Bad Judge or A To Z

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Looks like it’s bad news for Bad Judge and the end of the alphabet for A To Z, as NBC has announced that both shows will not be going any further than their initial 13-episode runs. This comes from The Hollywood Reporter, which says that the network will keep both shows at their current Thursday time slots until the remaining episodes have aired, and then they’ll both be unceremoniously destroyed. This is a crushing defeat for NBC’s once-proud Thursday night lineup, but maybe putting a pair of new comedies up against two hugely popular shows called Scandal and The Big Bang Theory wasn’t the best idea.


Though Bad Judge and A To Z won’t be ending for a few weeks, they’re still technically the second and third shows to be cancelled this fall, following ABC’s recent axing of Manhattan Love Story. It sounds like Bad Judge had been doing an OK job holding onto ratings during its post-The Biggest Loser spot, but viewership numbers tanked during A To Z—which was only pulling in 2.5 million for its most recent episode, a number that’s even lower than what Manhattan Love Story was getting at the end. Interestingly, both shows still have a few episodes that haven’t even been filmed yet, which should make for a few especially fun days on set. It’ll be like being a senior during the last week of high school, except instead of going to college everyone is going directly into unemployment.

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