The recent slew of TV concepts from NBC has something for everyone, from crime-procedural enthusiasts to crime enthusiasts, and fans of reality shows and remakes. But what of the loyal fashion-magazine readers and sex-quiz takers, who have had to make do with Just Shoot Me! reruns? Well, Variety reports the peacock network is developing a drama based on Cosmopolitan magazine with the full approval (and executive producing) of its editor-in-chief Joanna Coles.

The as-yet-untitled series will be set inside the “number one women’s magazine in the world,” and will follow the lives of its writers, models, and sandwich-fetchers. It will cover the basic workplace drama stuff, like struggling to find work-life balance and coffee filters. But the worker bees will also be in search of the perfect pair of jeans and “the most mind-blowing orgasms.” It’s just like your office, only sexier.


The series comes from Coles and Parenthood executive producer Sarah Watson, who will also write the script. Coles seems adamant about having her life and/or her magazine depicted on the small screen; she pitched a series with Leslye Headland, the writer-director of Sleeping With Other People, last year. But that show would have centered on the new kid/sex editor in town, whereas NBC’s drama will have a more diffused focus.