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Illustration for article titled NBC will also try turning an Elmore Leonard story into a TV show

Elmore Leonard’s anthology When The Women Come Out To Dance has gotten more than just an Amazon sales boost after FX turned its “Fire In The Hole” short story into Justified. Now that same, well-thumbed collection has yielded another drama series, this one headed to NBC from Numbers creators Nicolas Falacci and Cheryl Heuton, who will adapt the titular story about a Colombian mail-order bride working as a “fixer” in Miami—which is a wink-wink way of saying she’s really good at hot-gluing, if you catch our drift, by which we mean she’s very handy with some caulk and a putty knife, if you grok what we’re saying, by which we mean she hurts and/or kills people, not necessarily using any of those things. And while more Elmore Leonard adaptations are always welcome—unless they’re Be Cool—unfortunately for its chances at replicating Justified’s success, the as-yet-untitled series won’t have the leniency afforded by basic cable. There is still time, however, to give this Colombian mail-order bride a really great hat.


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