The newest outcome of NBC’s ongoing game of buzzword bingo is Peter and Wendy, described as a “workplace romantic comedy” take on Peter Pan. The show, which was recently purchased with a script commitment, is the brainchild of writer/actress Marisa Coughlan, who based it on the recently-trendy public-domain adventures of Peter Pan combined with her own experiences in the pirate-infested magical island of modern dating.

Our heroine, Wendy, longs to be with a “real man” but instead starts dating her coworker Peter, whose inability to grow up will presumably be expressed in the visual shorthand of video games and dirty dishes. In the end, one can only assume that Wendy will learn to take things a little less seriously, and Peter will finally start picking his socks up off the floor and putting them in the damn hamper. Executive producer Rashida Jones says the show, “which uses the world of Peter Pan as its backdrop, combines pathos, comedy and heart, creating the perfect love story.”