According to The Hollywood Reporter, NBC has given a script commitment to a legal soap opera titled Miranda’s Rights. Obviously inspired by ABC’s successful medical soap Grey’s Anatomy, the show will focus on 28-year-old Miranda Coale, a woman whose life was upended by a sex scandal six years prior that gets a second shot when she’s hired by “a group of millennials living and lawyering together in a startup law firm.” The slim synopsis leaves a few unanswered questions, such as: how badly can a 22-year-old screw up her life by having sex when that’s pretty much all 22-year-olds do? Why is a show about lawyers named after a police warning? Shouldn’t it be called Don’t Judge Me or something awful like that?

Katie Lovejoy (The Selection) will write the script and executive produce alongside John Glenn (Eagle Eye) at Universal Television. Lovejoy won the Humanitas Prize Student Drama Fellowship with her spec script for House and was the highest-ranked female writer on the 2010 Black List with her feature The Arsonist’s Love Story, so she’s probably got enough talent to earn the benefit of the doubt. Still, we’re changing the channel at the first use of “habeas corpus” as a sexy pun.