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Illustration for article titled NBC wants Hugh Laurie to come play Blackbeard on its pirate show

Though he was only recently freed from the obligations of doing a weekly television series, giving him plenty of time to hit the road and sling New Orleans blues, Hugh Laurie is reportedly already in talks about getting back to regular work by starring in NBC's pirate drama Crossbones. The previously announced series from Luther creator Neil Cross—which is not to be confused with Michael Bay's own pirate drama over at Starz, as it will have less of the profanity and nudity one might associate with pirates—is currently courting Laurie to play the legendary Blackbeard, pirate ruler of an 18th-century rogue nation of scoundrels and thieves, and a man whose irascible personality and unconventional approach to pirating fails to endear him to his pirate colleagues but nevertheless gets results. Pirate results. Possibly luring Laurie to return to TV so soon: The role would finally allow Laurie to use his British accent, rather than employing the system of painful electric shocks used on House.


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