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NBC wants David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman after all

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It turns out someone wants to buy David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman after all—specifically NBC, whose newly installed Comcast regime took its first step toward erasing the legacy of a Jeff Zucker era dominated by expensive, high-concept reboot failures like Bionic Woman and Knight Rider by, um, picking this. Still, new chairman Robert Greenblatt seems to think it’s going to be fine, just fine, his confidence bolstered by the success he’s had at Showtime bringing in shows like Weeds and Dexter, and apparently not concerned at all with the exorbitant licensing fee it will require to bring Wonder Woman to life again. Entertainment Weekly offers some further details on the project, saying it is a decidedly “serious, non-campy” take on the story, one that also somehow incorporates Wonder Woman’s Lasso Of Truth, bullet-deflecting wrist cuffs, and invisible plane into the story with serious, non-campy results.


Of course, this is a David E. Kelley series, so “non-campy” is probably relative. And naturally, it’s been given that signature David E. Kelley spin: Deadline calls the new Wonder Woman a "reinvention" of the story that finds Diana fighting crime as a vigilante in L.A., but also juggling her life as a corporate executive and modern woman, with all the modern woman complications that implies, but with a Wonder Woman twist. (For example, don’t you ladies wish you could figure out what a man is really thinking? For Diana, the truth is just a lasso away—but is it an abuse of her powers? Well, she’ll just have to think about it while soaring the skies to a Sara Bareilles song in her invisible jet.)

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