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NBC to try again with another White House drama, this time without all the politics

Though NBC is already preparing the half-hour comedy 1600 Penn, it understands that there is often more to life in the White House than the hijinks of wacky dysfunctional families. Sometimes things can take a more dramatic, wistfully West Wing-evoking turn, such as when you are—like the central character of NBC's recently acquired "upstairs-downstairs-type soap" White House Confidential—a young female doctor who also has "a secret from her past," and other things that are not at all boringly political and sound exactly like what a White House soap opera from former General Hospital head writer Sri Rao would entail. Let us now begin speculating as to the nature of this young female doctor's secret: She had an affair with the President. She is Vladimir Putin in drag, and is having an affair with the President. She is really the former President, who had a sex change to sneak back into the White House and have an affair with the President. She is actually the current President, who awoke from a coma with amnesia and now believes she is really a doctor. (Also, she's having an affair with herself, the President.)


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