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NBC to punish Ryan Lochte by making him talk to Matt Lauer

(Photo: Harry How/Getty Images)

Despite shrugging his way through almost two-thirds of some semblance of an actual apology on Instagram, Olympic swimming star, reality TV person, and guy-who-wasn’t-actually-robbed Ryan Lochte is still being widely mocked and attacked for the lies he told about being supposedly accosted at gunpoint while in Rio. Luckily. the Olympic broadcast masterminds at NBC have devised the perfect public punishment for the honesty-challenged aquanaut: making him talk to Matt Lauer. (The International Court in the Hague has reportedly turned a blind eye to the cruel and unusual sentence.)

In fact, Lauer already talked to Lochte earlier this week (because Peacock Justice is quick and unrelenting), with the full interview to air on Monday’s edition of Today, in all its “So, hey, why’d ya do that?” glory. But we’ll get our first look at the footage tonight, during NBC’s Olympic coverage and the NBC Nightly News. (Meanwhile, Lauer’s long-time colleague Al Roker issued his own verdict on the scandal in a video clip that’s since gone viral, denouncing Lochte’s half-assed apologies and repeatedly, flatly stating “He lied.”)

[via Deadline]


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