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NBC has announced it will host an hour-long concert special for the band Coldplay, meant to drum up enthusiasm for the group’s new album, Ghost Stories. The special, fittingly titled Coldplay: Ghost Stories, will air Sunday, May 18 at 7 p.m. Eastern time. The new album releases in stores the following day.


The concert special will feature lasers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Filming took place in March over the course of three small shows in L.A., in a custom-build amphitheater constructed to look like an enchanted forest. At one point, lead singer Chris Martin reportedly got into a harness and floated above the crowd.

But most importantly, lasers. Martin and his bassist Guy Berryman will even play lasers like a harp—as is briefly featured in the special trailer for the event, below:

THR also reports that, as the band has made no plans to tour following the release of Ghost Stories, this very fancy-schmancy laser concert might well be the last live performance from Coldplay for a while.

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