Adele in the "Hello" video

Hello, it’s Adele NBC is looking for. Not content with merely canceling most of the shows it chooses to air any given year, NBC has started looking outside the realm of actual TV series for things it can put on the air, then quickly remove. To that end, Variety reports the network is planning to air an hourlong concert special, Adele Live In New York City, on Dec. 14. Immediately following the broadcast, it’s expected that NBC will move quickly to cancel the special, like it does almost all programming, and in this case will build a time machine so the channel can travel back in time and prevent airing the concert in the first place.

The special will be the result of a one-night-only performance by the singer at Radio City Music Hall on November 17, the same week she’s scheduled to appear on Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, and the Today show, all of which are probably on NBC’s chopping block. It will be Adele’s first U.S. concert performance since 2011, and will likely consist of numerous songs from her upcoming album 25, coming out November 20. And once again, America’s former masters are doing the same thing we are, only a little bit earlier, just to rub our noses in it: the BBC will similarly air a concert special, entitled Adele At The BBC, sometime in November. NBC, the sad trombone of networks, could not be reached for comment.