In an effort to provide some alternative to pop culture’s overabundance of sexy vampires, many networks have been looking into newer, relatively less sexy monsters to build series around—not least of them NBC, which has already snapped up a Frankenstein show, a show about Hannibal Lecter, and even monster catch-all The Munsters, just to cover the bases. But much as popular music always seems to cycle back to stripped-down rock ’n’ roll, America is ready to see the original sexy vampires make their charmingly retro comeback—or so NBC apparently believes, as it is now developing a slightly more faithful adaptation of Dracula as a TV drama, to go with all its other forthcoming series based on things you’ve already seen. The 1890s-set show is described as “Dangerous Liasons meets The Tudors”—only, you know, with Dracula in it—as well as “a big, sweeping international soap opera that is young, sexy, and supernatural.” That historical setting would thus distinguish it from all the other many, many contemporized and genre-mashing spins on the Dracula legend that are currently out there, as these days simply telling the story the way it’s supposed to be told qualifies as boldly original. Will the nation accept a vampire story that does not involve leather jackets in some capacity? Well, you don't become NBC without taking those sorts of creative gambles.