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NBC thinking about remaking Ironside

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After showing late-'60s America that women, minorities, and people in wheelchairs are every bit as capable of solving crimes as able-bodied white men, especially if they have a bitchin' van, Ironside is reportedly being readied for a reboot at NBC, who's once again looking to the Universal vault for the TV of tomorrow. Like Raymond Burr's paralyzed San Francisco detective, the network is hoping to overcome the sniper's bullet that is the passage of time and the general sense that we just went down this road with House, putting the loveably gruff, wheelchair-bound investigator back together with an all-new team of culturally disparate experts to help him solve the toughest cases. There's no hint yet as to how NBC plans to update the tale for more modern times, though presumably the new Ironside will be a robot now. And played by Michael Ironside.


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