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NBC shushes Game Of Silence, stills its Heartbeat

At least they're already dressed for the funeral (Game Of Silence: NBC)

Amidst all of this breaking cancellation news, Game Of Silence sat perfectly still in a corner, keeping its fingers crossed that it would be spared NBC’s scythe. That’s not the case for the Sleepers knockoff, which has been permanently, you know, by the network, according to Variety. If you don’t recall the drama, it centered on a group of best friends with a “dark secret” they were unwilling to divulge. But we guess that’s a bit of information they’ll now take with them to the network graveyard.

Elsewhere in the “had a reason to worry about being nixed” ward was Heartbeat, which has officially just had the plug pulled on it. The Melissa George-led drama was reminiscent of so many other medical dramas before it, and while we suppose St. Elsewhere and Emergency! fans could have made room for it, the series was also laughably inconsistent with its characterization. Now we’ll wait and see if this is the last show to flatline today.


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