As rumored yesterday, NBC has confirmed it will air Bryan Fuller's Munsters reboot Mockingbird Lane as a one-off, pre-Halloween special on Oct. 26, putting it in the Friday 8 p.m. time slot that recently became vacant when the network decided to hold off on premiering Community. So, a confluence of lots of potentially unpopular NBC decisions regarding cult television there. The pilot still hasn't landed an official series order, and putting it in that not-so-campy graveyard of a time slot doesn't exactly inspire hope it will be a surprise ratings winner and suddenly inspire NBC to change its mind—yet naturally, all involved have to put an obligatory positive spin on it.

"This exciting new take on a memorable series will definitely blow out conventional wisdom and create its own legacy," reads the statement from NBC Entertainment president Jennifer Salke, who at least understands that a "legacy" is created by something that's already dead. And as always, Fuller has even more optimistic things to say about it, telling a potential fan on Twitter, "If you watch, it will not die." Though of course, it's unclear whether he means that NBC will reverse its decision, more or in a spiritual, it's-not-really-dead-as-long-as-we-remember-it, Wrath Of Khan kind of way. Either/or, if you're at all interested in this thing, better tune in Oct. 26.