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NBC says adios to Telenovela, Undateable, and Crowded

¿What gives? the Telenovela cast wonders

Although NBC abstained from the great network reaping yesterday, it’s just announced that it’s shedding several unflattering looks from its spring wardrobe. According to Deadline, the peacock network has broken things off with Undateable—and so close to the anniversary of its renewal. The cast really earned their paychecks for season three, which saw every episode taped live. Maybe they’ll all move on to doing improv.

Eva Longoria’s return to television has been rendered the opposite of triumphant, as NBC has also canceled Telenovela. Despite its personable cast, the middling sitcom failed to gain any traction in the ratings, finishing its run with less than three million viewers. Also making room for recent pickups Powerless and Trial & Error is departing Crowded, which just got the axe, too. Try as he might, Patrick Warburton and his massive shoulders never quite broke free from the show’s rote premise. Take a moment to say goodbye, but just a moment, because this is far from over. The cancellations, that is—these shows are definitely gone.


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