Revolution had a brief, weird life on NBC. Its first season arrived with thunderous hype, thanks to its interesting premise—a world without power, 15 years after the lights went out—and its star-studded list of executive producers—including J.J. Abrams and Jon Favreau. It even had Giancarlo Esposito, and there was one episode where NBC somehow licensed a bunch of Led Zeppelin songs. How could that not be awesome? Well, it wasn’t. Not for most of its first season, at least. It got good ratings, though, so NBC gave it a second season.

When Revolution came back, it was reinvigorated with a desire to actually live up to the hype. Finally, it was going to be the show could’ve been all along! And, for a while, it was. However, the audience no longer cared, and NBC gave it the axe. That left the show with a bunch of unfinished plot threads and unanswered questions, almost all of which revolved around nanomachines.


Now, as a special gift to everyone who remembers/still cares about Revolution, DC Comics will be publishing a four-part digital comic series that gives the show an actual ending. The comic will be written by series writers David Reed and Ryan Parrott, who came up with the story along with a team of former Revolution writers and producers. The first issue will be available on on May 4, and new issues will be able every two weeks after that. Presumably, DC will then collect the issues as a physical graphic novel at some point in the future—as it does with most of its digital comics—so that you can still read it once all of the world’s electricity really does go out.