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NBC shocked everyone back in July when it renewed Last Comic Standing without canceling it, retooling it, and shelving it for a few years first, but now The Wrap is reporting that the show is—of course—going to have some changes for its next season. For one, as some predicted, J.B. Smoove will not be returning to host, and comedian Anthony Jeselnik will be replacing him. Meanwhile, wherever the judges sit on Last Comic Standing, Russell Peters is also leaving the show, with Norm Macdonald taking over for him. Whether or not Macdonald will eventually be fired for being so funny that NBC executives can’t handle it, though, remains to be seen. The other judges, Roseanne Barr and Keenen Ivory Wayans, are sticking around. The ninth season of Last Comic Standing will premiere this summer, after which it’ll either be canceled or retooled—barring some kind of miracle.


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