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NBC rides out and catches a Blue Crush adaptation

Blue Crush

It’s almost time for winter, which means people will soon be huddling together for warmth, having heart attacks while shoveling, and claiming the best parking spaces with discarded lawn furniture, but NBC is apparently already dreaming of those carefree summer days. According to Deadline, the network is developing a series based on John Stockwell’s 2002 surfing film Blue Crush. The movie’s co-writer, Lizzy Weiss, is writing this TV version and will executive produce it alongside Brian Grazer. Weiss also happens to be the creator of Freeform’s Switched At Birth, which means she’s got some cred for this kind of TV project.

The original film starred Kate Bosworth, Michelle Rodriguez, and Sanoe Lake as three surfer friends living in Hawaii. It’s the sort of light premise, fun setting, and recognizable name that are perfect for TV, so as long as NBC doesn’t throw in a murder mystery or a sci-fi twist, it should work just fine.


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