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This Is Us

Earlier this month, when NBC announced its fall schedule, the whole thing was based around reestablishing the iconic “Must See TV” brand by stacking Thursday night with as many big shows as possible—specifically This Is Us, the Will & Grace revival, Great News, and Law And Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders. Now, though, Variety is reporting that NBC is backing off of that plan and will be keeping This Is Us on Tuesdays instead.

Apparently, 20th Century Fox—the studio behind This Is Us—was “deeply concerned” about moving the show to Thursday after it was so successful on Tuesdays this season, especially since it would’ve been going up against Scandal, CBS’ Thursday Night Football, Mom, and Life In Pieces. So, the whole “Must See TV” plan has been scrapped in favor of a comedy-focused Thursday, with Will & Grace and Great News now staying on Thursdays alongside The Good Place and Superstore, both of which were originally going to move to Tuesday.


Basically, the lineup will look a lot like it did this year, but with some new shows (and one returning old show) sprinkled around. You can see the full schedule at Variety, at least until NBC changes it again.

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