One of the few shows to jump out of NBC’s Friends-clone-heavy pilot season last year was The Paul Reiser Show, which boasted an intriguing Curb Your Enthusiasm-lite premise. The comedy finds the former star of My Two Dads and Odd Jobs (and that show where he cared for a mentally ill Helen Hunt) playing himself—dealing with his lingering fame, hanging out with the group of “friends” he’s culled from the husbands of his wife’s coterie and the fathers of his children’s classmates, and generally having neurotic, Paul Reiser-y reactions to things. Despite the sudden influx of these kinds of conceits, what with Matt LeBlanc on Episodes and James Van Der Beek’s upcoming turn on Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apt. 23, it sounded promisingly unusual at the time—and as a bonus, it co-stars the always-great Andy Daly—so it was kind of a letdown when it didn’t even get a shot.

But now it seems that Perfect Couples’ loss is Reiser’s gain, as the struggling sitcom about Olivia Munn overacting will be replaced by The Paul Reiser Show beginning April 14 in the 8:30 p.m. ET slot, where it will hopefully provide a more palatable time-killer between Community and The Office. There’s no word yet what that means for Perfect Couples’ return or the few episodes it won’t have aired by then, but we’re also not going to pretend to care, sorry.