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NBC renews The Carmichael Show for a third season

The Carmichael Show

In the renewal/cancellation hullabaloo over the last few days, one of the biggest question marks was NBC’s The Carmichael Show. The socially conscious sitcom (it’s had episodes about Black Lives Matter, Bill Cosby, and Islamophobia) does well with critics, but its second season wasn’t a huge ratings smash. Plus, according to this Variety report, the question over whether NBC should renew it or not got sidetracked by negotiations about just how many episodes a hypothetical third season should get—the network wanted 10, but 20th Century Fox (the studio behind it) wanted more. Apparently, these negotiations were contentious enough for NBC to keep Carmichael Show off of its fall schedule, but amicable enough that NBC’s Bob Greenblatt was optimistic that a deal would be reached “soon.”

Variety just wrote about that earlier today, but it turns out that the negotiations went even better than Greenblatt thought as Deadline is now reporting that The Carmichael Show has just been renewed for a third season. On top of that, NBC is even giving it the 13 episodes that 20th Century Fox wanted, which is the same amount it got for season two. With this news, The Carmichael Show becomes only the second NBC comedy series to get renewed for next year—the other one being Superstore.


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