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NBC renews Superstore for a second season


In a classic example of life imitating A.V. Club headlines, NBC has decided to renew its freshman comedy Superstore for a second season just a day after this very site’s review of the first season finale said that it “demands a renewal.” Did we make this renewal happen? If so, what other TV shows should we make sure get picked up? The Big Bang Theory? NCIS? Modern Family? Consider it done.

Anyway, news of Superstore‘s renewal comes from Deadline, which reports that the show has been pulling in pretty good ratings for a comedy on NBC, averaging 6.9 million viewers in “Live+7” (which is industry talk for people who watched it within a week of the initial airing). Interestingly, Deadline says that the show does especially well with households that make more than $100,000, possibly because it gives them a chance to see how the proletariat live. Also, NBC Entertainment President Jennifer Salke says that the network is “thrilled to renew a show that’s so incredibly funny and relatable, full of great characters who are brought to life by an amazing cast and creative team,” the kind of generic praise that could only be written by a successful network executive or a well-programmed machine.


Deadline notes that Telenovela, Superstore‘s fellow midseason comedy on NBC, has yet to be picked up, but its ratings have reportedly been “considerably lower” than Superstore.

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