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NBC renews Parenthood, Grimm, Revolution, a couple of other shows that aren't comedies or Smash

Illustration for article titled NBC renews emParenthood/em, emGrimm/em, emRevolution/em, a couple of other shows that arent comedies or emSmash/em

In a clear endorsement of love and family—as well as monsters, apocalypses, tank tops, and sexual assault—NBC has issued a renewal to the oft-endangered Parenthood, alongside fellow drama series Grimm, Revolution, Chicago Fire, and Law & Order: SVU. For Parenthood, the renewal is a double victory, with the network granting the show a full 22-episode order, as opposed to this past, abbreviated season. Most of the others, meanwhile, were somewhat-predictable locks, with NBC specifically calling out its freshmen successes Revolution and Chicago Fire, and Grimm having steadily grown into Friday’s No. 1 series among adults 18-49 who aren’t out doing adult, Friday night things.

Noticeably missing from the renewal announcement is Hannibal, which has scored plenty of critical praise but dropped slightly in the ratings from week to week. Still, given the amount of attention the show’s received—and playing the odds that, come on, something has to work out for Bryan Fuller eventually—it’s certainly a likelier candidate for renewal than, say, Deception, which is a show you probably weren’t even aware was up for renewal, and there you go. The same goes for Smash, which has been kicked around the schedule so much that its cancellation is all but a formality at this point, just awaiting the choosing of an appropriate frilly scarf to hang it from.

And naturally, you are probably mostly interested in NBC’s comedy renewals, which is why NBC didn’t give them to you. Expect those “in the next couple of weeks,” or maybe October 19, or next February, or whenever.

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