Grimm (Photo: NBC)

Having recently blown past its 100th episode milestone, NBC’s dark fantasy series Grimm will soon be coming back for more. The network has just announced that stars David Giuntoli, Russell Hornsby, and Claire Coffee will soon be back for another season of wrangling Wesen, Glühenvolk, hexenbiests, and any other obstinately hard to spell fairy-tale creatures they might happen to run into.

The series follows Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, the titular Grimm, a Portland, Oregon-based detective who moonlights—get it? Because there are werewolves?—as a clandestine monster hunter. The series will finish up its fifth season on May 20, as Burkhardt’s superior officer in the Portland PD (Captain Sean Renard, played by Sasha Roiz) begins a political campaign that might end up turning him against his supernatural-stalking subordinate.


Meanwhile, the one guy who bet $50 back in October 2011—when both shows debuted, with superficially similar premises and less than a week apart—that both Grimm and ABC’s Once Upon A Time would make it to 100 episodes without destroying each other just bought a private island with his winnings.

[via Variety]