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NBC renews Brooklyn Nine-Nine for season 8

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As reported by Deadline, NBC has renewed discarded Fox comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine for an eighth season, bringing it one year closer to season.. NINE-NINE. The seventh season, the second one on NBC, hasn’t even premiered yet and won’t until early February (the next Halloween episode is going to be very late), but this is a nice indication of NBC’s faith in the future of the series. Deadline explains that season six performed well, at least when you take into account the modern ways that people watch television. It had some of the best ratings for streaming of any NBC show last year, and it was also the “most-social primetime comedy series across television,” which is kind of a dumb thing that only matters in the sense that NBC apparently values it.


We don’t know when season eight will premiere, but February 2021 seems like a safe bet. Also, if’ve missed out on the Brooklyn Nine-Nine craze, the series was our 22nd best show of the decade.

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