If anyone out there still has a thing for pirates that they picked up after seeing the charming rogues of Pirates Of The Carribean or Once Upon A Time, prepare to have those fantasies forever destroyed. NBC has released the first image of Christopher Walken in his full Captain Hook costume for the network’s upcoming Peter Pan Live! show, and it looks like he’s going for less “sexy dirtball” and more “Japanese kabuki master.” We are talking about Christopher Walken, though, so “sexy dirtball” might have been an even weirder choice.

The image comes from Entertainment Weekly, which reports that Walken says he’s “not a good singer,” but he’s taking inspiration from Rex Harrison in My Fair Lady and doing more of a “patter.” This makes us wonder why Walken is playing one of the central roles in a musical that—if NBC’s The Sound Of Music Live! is anything to go by—could be watched by a shockingly large number of people. Maybe he has just always dreamed of dancing around on stage while wearing a fabulous coat, crazy hair, and pounds of makeup, and he’s willing to sing a few songs about killing children and being afraid of a crocodile in order to do it.


Anyway, the full picture—which features Walken’s Hook and Allison Williams’ Peter Pan—can be seen below. Based on their poses, this is from the part in the show where the two of them sing a song about surfing. It probably goes a little something like this: “The only thing that would make me smile / Is killing those kids and that crocodile. / Now hang ten you foolish knave / And watch me as I carve this wave.” Peter Pan Live! will air on NBC this December.