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NBC reaches out to red states with military pilot For God And Country

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The major television networks are currently in the early stages of that nerve-wracking time known as pilot season. And NBC must be feeling patriotic in the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, because it’s taking a gamble on a military-themed drama called For God And Country. Variety is reporting that the Peacock Network has ordered a pilot for the proposed hour-long series, which is to be produced by the Keshet Media Group, a mass media company headquartered in Tel Aviv, in conjunction with Universal Television.

No actors have as yet been attached to the project, but the pilot is going to be written by Dean Georgaris, who also penned Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle Of Life and that remake of The Manchurian Candidate. Remember the one with Meryl Streep? That one. So that’s certainly something to keep in mind. Among the producers is Peter Traugott, whose TV resume includes Samantha Who?, Manhattan Love Story, and My Big Fat Greek Life. This just gets better and better.

So what’s For God And Country thing going to be about? NBC is cagey about that for now, but promises the series will be a “heart-pounding look” at the lives of brave servicemen and women “who make personal sacrifices, while executing challenging and dangerous missions behind enemy lines.” Okay, but why does NBC want this specific show in 2017? The Hollywood Reporter speculates that the recent presidential election has caused the networks to re-examine their schedules. Maybe they haven’t been trying hard enough to appeal to Middle America. For God And Country, then, might be NBC’s good faith offering to the red states.


[via Variety]

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