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Variety reports that people obsessing over the prospects and direction of Glenn Howerton’s TV comedy career will now get another year in which to fret, with NBC announcing today that its renewed the It’s Always Sunny co-creator’s new sitcom A.P. Bio for a second season. The show, which stars Howerton as a former Ivy League professor slumming it in an Ohio high school, and Patton Oswalt as the principal utterly failing to keep him in line, was created by SNL writer Mike O’Brien, and, while not a runaway ratings smash, has earned some strong reviews for its flip on the hoary old “charismatic rebel teacher” cliche.


Howerton and O’Brien’s success story wasn’t the only sitcom news coming out of the network today; NBC also announced that it’s ordering two of its recent comedy pilots—the Michael Schur-produced, pretty Cheers-ish-sounding Abby’s, and the Sarayu Blue-starring I Feel Bad—to series. 

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