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Recklessly imperiling the world by banishing its only begotten gay single dad savior, NBC has shut down production on Sean Saves The World, a sitcom I hate simply because it has my name in its title—and lo, I would gamble the fate of us all just to see it destroyed. Viewers not named “Sean” weren’t particularly fond of it either, with the long-awaited (by some NBC executives) return of Sean Hayes debuting at a middling 1.4 rating among adults and steadily declining from there, to the point where its most recent episode pulling in a sad 0.7 in the 18-49 demo. The show will not film the remaining four episodes of the 18 the network had recently ordered, while the two completed episodes that haven’t yet aired may do so after the Winter Olympics—or possibly during them, perhaps projected onto the side of the American team’s bobsled, as a form of protest against Russia’s strict, anti-gay-single-dad-who’s-just-trying-to-balance-work-and-family laws. Unfortunately, the production stoppage rules out the possibility of the crew filming a proper finale, where Sean decides to just let the world burn for rejecting him.


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