NBC has quietly pulled Believe and Crisis from its May 18 schedule, in news that seems tailor-made for the sort of pun headline to which we would never subject you. Something like, “Crisis in crisis, NBC no longer believes in Believe.” Or maybe a twist on it, like, “Believe in crisis, NBC no longer believes in Crisis,” but that one doesn’t really make any sense.

This report comes via TV Line, which suggests that NBC’s move to pull the two shows is an early indicator that both are not long for the world and will soon be canceled. Apparently NBC will fill each of their time slots on May 18 with a Women Of SNL special, burning off their remaining episodes at some point in the future. Obviously, if you’re a fan of Crisis or Believe and their stories about a magical little girl and children being kidnapped en masse, respectively, now’s the time to start clamoring for that obligatory movie that all canceled-too-soon TV shows get, and maybe inundate NBC’s offices with boxes of something relevant so they know how much you love them. Maybe magical children and school buses. Boxes and boxes of them. Then we’ll write an article about that, with a headline like, “Fans of Believe and Crisis believe they can prevent a crisis.” Except that’s awful.