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NBC pulls Best Friends Forever from its schedule

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NBC's masochistic strategy of putting its under-promoted midseason comedies up against American Idol and ABC's Wednesday night block—where they can further NBC's descent into the deliciously twisted world where pain is pleasure, pleasure pain—has yielded another victim in Best Friends Forever, which the network has ripped from its schedule effective immediately while emitting a tormented yet strangely orgasmic howl. Co-creator and star Lennon Parham broke the news via Twitter, letting fans know that the freshman sitcom about two platonic girlfriends and the boyfriend who gets in the way of their love was being taken off the air until summer, though she hoped to put the fifth and sixth episodes online somewhere. (That BFF should find itself truncated like this may explain why everyone on the show talked so rapidly: They were just trying to cram it all in.) In the meantime, NBC will replace it with second airings of Betty White's Off Their Rockers, in which people are mocked by the grim specters of death. "As are we all," NBC whispered while putting another clove cigarette out on its arm. [via TV Line]


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