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NBC prepping legal drama based on Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer

Deadline reports that NBC is developing a new hour-long legal drama based on real-life attorney Shawn Holley. Best known for representing Lindsay Lohan, Shawn Holley’s list of past clients reads like a reality show screaming to be made, including the Kardashians, Axl Rose, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, etc. She also was part of the defense team that saw O.J. Simpson acquitted of murder.

Inspired by Holley, the lead character will specialize in tuning out tabloids and public personas, recognizing that her clients are just regular people with sizable fortunes and a serial propensity to have run-ins with the law. The character-driven show will delve into the pressures of a high-powered attorney who’s trying juggle the demands of her family and her even more demanding clients.


There’s no word as to whether one of those clients will be based on Lohan specifically—but given her reaction to past homages, it might be advisable to steer clear of that minefield.

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