Having cleared so much TV brush in the past 24 hours, NBC is now standing proudly overlooking its programming fields, chewing a long piece of prairie grass and imagining all the exciting new shows it can plant next season, when things will really turn around. Or, it could salt the earth, clamber up into the hills with its shotgun, take one last look out at the sunset, and… No. NBC has to stop thinking like that, which is why it’s picked up three new series to go with all those other recently acquired second chances: Chicago PD, the previously reported Chicago Fire spinoff that delves into the city’s rare problems that can’t be solved by sexy people pointing firehoses at them; Ironside, the previously reported remake of the 1960s detective series that replaces Raymond Burr with Blair Underwood, and strides toward social equality with another guy talking like House; and Undateable, the latest sitcom from Scrubs’ Bill Lawrence, in which Whitney’s recently freed Chris D’Elia is just happy to be here, guys, whatever we’re doing. A show about a confident dude who helps other dudes be confident? Great. And with that, NBC boldly strides off into its virgin fields, knowing that by this time next year all these budding shows will have grown waist-high, just the right size to taste the edge of its scythe.