Despite giving off the impression that it hates Undateable and wants everyone involved to suffer by putting on two live performances every week for a whole TV season, it seems like NBC actually likes the people who work behind-the-scenes on the show. That’s because, according to Variety, the network has ordered another comedy from Undateable producers Adam Sztykiel and Bill Lawrence that will be titled Vlad. Instead of being about everyone’s favorite historical impaler, though, the series will be “loosely based on” comedian Vladimir Caamaño and his life in the Bronx. Sztykiel and Caamaño will write, with Caamaño also starring (obviously) and working alongside Sztykiel and Lawrence as an executive producer.

Considering how quickly NBC jumped to turning Undateable into a gimmick show, we’re holding out hope that the network will eventually retool this into something that does involve Vlad Dracula. Maybe it can be a time travel thing where Caamaño and the other Vlad go on wacky adventures, and Caamaño has to keep saving people from being impaled? Just spitballing.