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NBC picks up Law And Order spin-off about hate crimes, which sounds like it'll be a blast

Dick Wolf
Photo: Earl Gibson III (Getty Images)

With Nazis in the White House emboldening the regular Nazis we’ve got running around in the U.S. these days, hate crimes are hotter than they’ve been in years. To capitalize on all of this, NBC has turned to Dick Wolf, the master of ripping things from the headlines, for a new Law And Order spin-off about the NYPD’s Hate Crimes Task Force, a group that happens to frequently collaborate with the NYPD’s Special Victims Unit—as made famous by Law And Order: SVU.

This comes from Deadline, which says NBC has already given a 13-episode order to Law And Order: Hate Crimes. The core cast of the new show will be introduced with a backdoor pilot in the second half of the upcoming season of SVU, with Olivia Benson hopefully dropping some explanation for why she never turned to the Hate Crimes Task Force during any of her other investigations.


We don’t know when Hate Crimes will premiere, but we’re curious about how long it will be before the show follows SVU’s lead and chickens out about airing an episode that might offend the great King Donald Trump. Given the subject matter, that could happen pretty quickly.

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