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NBC picks up J.J. Abrams show reuniting Michael Emerson and Terry O'Quinn

Confirming that you can get just about anything done these days if you just slap J.J. Abrams’ name on it, that proposed show getting the old Locke-and-Ben band of Michael Emerson and Terry O’Quinn back together has evolved rapidly from fanciful musing to concrete plan to, now, an NBC pilot. Deadline reports that the network has successfully outbid the Lost duo’s former home at ABC to produce the show featuring Emerson and O’Quinn as former ass-kicking secret operatives who may or may not be repeatedly smacked in the face. Further details are still being kept under wraps, although the show has retained its working title of Odd Jobs. Expect that to change, though—if nothing else, to avoid confusion with the classic 1986 Paul Reiser/Richard Dean Anderson comedy of the same name.

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