Liza (Sutton Foster) and her twentysomething coworkers on Younger

Characters in their 20s and 30s are scattered all over television programming, but when was the last time we saw them interacting with each other? We mean aside from several of the shows that have already premiered this fall. NBC thought as much, so it’s planning to round up some millennials and their predecessors for yet another workplace comedy. Deadline reports the network is developing a comedy about an unfulfilled, single woman in her mid-30s whose life changes when she goes to work for a popular website. (In no way does this premise hit close to home for anyone at The A.V. Club.)

The show is called This Is Happening, which is a title that sounds threatening and vague, but probably just refers to all the “cool” stuff that’s “going down” at any given time that the people at the website must then cover (still not resonating with us). We’ll see the “uptight” lady befriend her twentysomething coworkers, which the office is full of, presumably because they’re the only people who can pick up on the high frequencies that are used to communicate trends these days and also write about them. Her younger cohorts will probably encourage her to join Tinder or send regrettable Snapchats, but they might also learn some things from her—or at least enjoy a hearty laugh when she talks about her old MySpace page and flip phone.


This Is Happening is happening thanks to NBC’s own Universal Television and Gary Sanchez Productions, a Will Ferrell and Adam McKay partnership. Amy Rhodes, a former writer for The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Bad Judge, will pen the series with supervision from Claudia Lonow (How To Live With Your Parents, Friends With Benefits).